Smoothflow Pumps TPL

Ideal for process lines that require rigid control, such as optical film, IT, and high-purity pharmaceutical process lines Hydraulic High-Precision Ultra High-Pressure Trace Amount Supply


Repeatability Accuracy ±0.1% or Less, Pulsation Rate ±1% or Less

Capable of ultra-constant flow rate and High-Precision fluid supply. Recommended for processes that require rigid quality control, such as precision thin film coating, measurement process and in-line (in–pipe continuous) injection in cutting edge fields, and supplying sampling liquid for liquid chromatography.

Compact Design With a 50% Reduction in Size (Compared With Previous Models)

Reduction in size is achieved so that only about 50% of the installation area is required compared with our conventional-type metering pumps (with the same capabilities). Easy installation as well as relocation.

Capable of Parts Replacement/Maintenance Without Removing The Chemical Piping

The main body of the pump can be disassembled easily into eight components using only a couple tools. The pump head employs an opening side structure so that tasks such as inspection, cleaning, and parts replacement can be performed without removing the piping.

Four Times Longer Lifetime of The Diaphragm

As a result of in-depth 3D analysis, the "pliability" of the diaphragm is improved by four times (compared with our conventional products), enhancing its durability. In addition, a special hydraulic mechanism that prevents contact with the diaphragm is used to prolong the life of the diaphragm, which is a consumable component.

Compatible With CIP Cleaning

The mirror-finished internal surface of the pump head prevents adhering of chemicals and provides excellent inline washability. This reduces the burden of the cleaning task and also contributes to reducing the risks of contamination occurrence.

Pumping demo

Smoothflow System

We offer a system that you can count on, with a design that maximizes the potential of Smoothflow technology and a configuration that puts safety and maintainability first.

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