Smoothflow Pumps High-Pressure Type

High-Pressure Type


High-pressure liquid transferring up to 50 MPa

Three different models are available to suit required flow rates and discharge pressures.

  • 0.8L/min 50MPa
  • 2.0L/min 20MPa
  • 5.0L/min 10MPa

No Liquid Leakage

The pump head is completely sealed, which eliminates concerns about the liquid leaking or coming into contact with the atmosphere.

No Foreign Matter Contamination

This pump has no rotating or sliding parts, which can easily generate foreign matter. This eliminates concerns about the liquid being contaminated.

Resistant to Slurry

This pump transfers liquid gently, which eliminates concerns about the particles in the liquid being crushed or the pump suffering wear and tear.

Dry Running OK

This pump has no sliding parts, which eliminates concerns about heat caused by friction, the generation of abrasion debris, and seizing.

Pumping demo

Contact TACMINA to request a test using your actual liquid.

At TACMINA's "Liquid Solution Center <LABII>", pumps can be used to perform liquid transfer tests with the liquids that are actually used by our customers. Specialized technicians are available for consultations regarding liquid transfers, and a detailed report on the test results is also issued. This makes it possible for our customers to consider using liquids that are difficult to transfer and switching from other types of pumps with peace of mind.

Smoothflow System

We offer a system that you can count on, with a design that maximizes the potential of Smoothflow technology and a configuration that puts safety and maintainability first.

See here for details


Max. discharge volume L/min 0.8 2 5
L/h 48 120 300
US G/h 12.67 31.68 79.2
Max. discharge pressure MPa 50 20 10
bar 500 200 100
psi 7250 2900 1450