Smoothflow Pumps GPL(Large Capacity Type)

GPL(Large Capacity Type)


GPL structureExpand

Wear resistant

No rotating or sliding parts are used for liquid end parts, creating a highly wear-resistant structure. Keeps wear debris from being mixed into liquid.

No liquid leakages due to its sealed structure

Having no shaft seals eliminates liquid leakages and entry of foreign matter.

Large flow rate at up to 300 L/min

With standard specifications, the flow rate can be controlled from 15 to 150 L/min.
Can be customized up to 300 L/min.
Transfer accurately at the specified flow rate with superior linearity and reproducibility.

Support for high-viscosity liquids

Even 5000 mPa·s high-viscosity liquid can be transferred stably.
* Custom order

Transfers liquid in high head applications

The built-in backflow prevention mechanism helps maintain the flow rate under pressurized conditions.
Without pulsations, pressure loss in pipes can be reduced.

Continuous stable flow with no pulsations

The mechanism where pulsations are suppressed by the pump itself eliminates the need for installing air chambers or accumulators.

Easy maintenance

Compared to other types of pumps, the liquid end parts are relatively small, which facilitate easy disassembly/assembly by the customer.
Long-lasting parts help reduce the maintenance frequency and cost.

Sanitary specifications are also available

For processes where ease of cleaning is important (e.g. medicinal products, food, electronic materials), pumps are manufactured with sanitary specifications.
* Custom order

Pumping demo

Contact TACMINA to request a test using your actual liquid.

At TACMINA's "Liquid Solution Center <LABII>", pumps can be used to perform liquid transfer tests with the liquids that are actually used by our customers. Specialized technicians are available for consultations regarding liquid transfers, and a detailed report on the test results is also issued. This makes it possible for our customers to consider using liquids that are difficult to transfer and switching from other types of pumps with peace of mind.

Smoothflow System

We offer a system that you can count on, with a design that maximizes the potential of Smoothflow technology and a configuration that puts safety and maintainability first.

See here for details


Max. discharge volume L/min 150
m3/h 9
US G/h 2376
Max. discharge pressure MPa 0.3
bar 3
psi 43.5

* Standard specifications are shown above. The flow rate can be customized up to 300 L/min, and the pressure up to 0.4 MPa.