Static Mixers

The static mixer is a unique standstill type with no actuator. Liquid that enters the mixer is sequentially mixed and stirred by elements.

The Geometry of Static Mixer Elements

右エレメント 左エレメント

The element is a rectangular plate that is twisted 180 degrees, creating a right element and a left element, depending on the direction of the twist.

The basic length of each element is 1.5 times the diameter.

Mixing Principles of a Static Mixer

Static mixer efficiently mix through a process of division, conversion and inversion.

Division Process

Each time a liquid passes through an element, it is split in half.

Number of separations N=2n.ⁿN: Number of elements

Conversion Process

The liquid glides along the innner spiral walls of the element, moving from the center part of the cylinder to the walls, and from the walls to the center part, being sorted in the process.

Inversion Process

The liquids direction of rotation changes in each element, receiving rapid inversion of inertial force, which agitates the liquid.

Liquid-Liquid Mixing

ow viscosity substances with mutual solubility are mostly mixed through the inversion process. You can see that it is sufficiently mixed with relatively flew elements.


Liquid-Liquid Dispersion


Even with two low viscosity substances, without mutual solubility like water and oil, they are mostly dispersed during the conversion process.

You can see how the particles get smaller each time the fluid passes through the element.

Mixing of High Viscous Substances

Out of the three mixing principles, high viscosity material is mostly mixed during the division process and conversion process. You can see that with each element pass the ptripes increase and it is mixed.

Number of Elements

Number of Elements Application Example

4 ガスの混合、模様付け 6 低粘性流体の混合、高粘性流体の均質化、薬品希釈、温度ムラ改善 12 中粘性流体の混合、抽出・乳化、気液接触、A/C重油ブレンド、アルカリ洗浄、エアレーション 18 高粘性流体の混合、HI/LO混合、ヨーグルト状物質の混合 24 熱交換器・反応器、特殊用途、二液性樹脂・接着剤の混合


スタティックミキサーの特徴 シンプルな構造(断面形状が一定、滞留部がほとんどない:圧力損失が少ない、スケールアップが容易、洗浄が容易)、インライン構造(外気と遮断:安全な作業環境、衛生的な操業、省スペース)、ラジアル混合(理想に近いピストンフロー:様々な制御系の安定化、連続で均一な操作、スケールアップが容易)、駆動部がない(メンテナンスフリー:消耗部がほとんど無い、取付方法が簡単 電源が不要:省エネルギー、防爆エリア設置可能)