By Category

Smoothflow Pumps

The Smoothflow Pump uses a patented drive mechanism that ensures continuous flow without pulsation by employing a precision, constant-speed cam. As a result, TACMINA pumps consistently deliver pulse-free fluid transfer with extremely accurate metered output.

Motor-Driven Metering Pumps

Rotary motion of the motor is converted to reciprocating motion by the eccentric cam mechanism. The reciprocating motion is then transmitted to the diaphragm to transfer the fluid at a constant rate.

Solenoid-Driven Metering Pumps

A pump that uses an electromagnet as the driving power. When energized, the electromagnet attracts the solenoid plunger, generating a reciprocating motion moving the diaphragm to deliver a pre-determined amount of fluid.

Metering Pump Accessories

Accessories to get the most out of your pumps

Chemical Injection Systems

Available in a variety of materials, capacities, and specifications to suit a wide range of applications


Various devices for fluid agitation and solid–fluid agitation

By Industry

Electronic Materials & Optical Films

Coating of Optical Films, functional films, etc.

Chemistry & New Materials

Transfer of high-function resin, circulation of surface treatment chemicals for steel, etc.

Renewable Energy & Batteries

Preparation, dispersal, and coating of electrode materials, etc.

Food, Pharma & Biotechnology

Injection of food and drink additives, granulation of raw materials for medical use, etc.

Environment & Water Treatment

Treatment of factory wastewater, desulfurization of gas emissions, etc.

Sterilization & Disinfection

Hygiene management in facilities and factories, management of water quality in tap water, hot springs, and pools, etc.