Solenoid-Driven Metering Pumps PZD


Functions Common to All Models

Enter Injection Amounts Directly and Select From Three Patterns of Injection Amount Settings

Set by stroke speed

Setting range
1 to 300 strokes/min (can be set to 1 stroke/min)

Set by discharge amount

Setting range
From 0.1 (maximum discharge amount for selected model)/mL/min (can be set to 0.1mL/min)

Set by percent

Setting range
1 to 100% (for a maximum stroke count (300 strokes/min) of 100%, can be set per 1%)

Free Power Supply

100 to 240 VAC (±10%) operation means you do not need to worry about voltage fluctuations at the site. This pump can be used at a variety of locations and for a variety of purposes.

Can Be Used With High Viscosity Liquids

Also use for polymer coagulant injections.

  • *
    Transfer of high viscosity liquids may not reach the prescribed maximum discharge volume. To transfer high viscosity liquids, please contact us for application support.

An Array of Wetted Part Materials to Handle a Wide Variety of Chemicals and Uses

Easy-to-Read Display Panel and Simple Operation Keys

PZD Stroke-length adjustment dial Pilot lamp LCD panel START/STOP key MODE key UP key DOWN key

Head Swivels in Three Directions to Fit the Mounting Location

Separated Head and Controller Convenient for Device Integration

Water-Resistant, Dustproof Construction

IEC standard
IP65 equivalent

Function of PZDM Only

Analog Input Proportional Control

Injection amount (stroke speed: 0 to 300 strokes/min) can be set based on analog input signals (4 to 20 mA) from outside. Can be used to control pH or residual chlorine and a wide variety of other uses.

Motor Driven Pump ・Inverter required ・Narrow control range of 1:10(6 to 60 Hz) ・Raw liquid must be diluted since the discharge volume per stroke is large. PZDM ・Inverter not required ・Wide control range of 1:300(1 to 300 strokes/min) ・Raw liquid can be injected since the discharge volume per stroke is small.

Function of PZDM and PZDP Only

External Control of Stop Input

The pump stop signal can be entered externally to control switching the pump ON/OFF. Interlocked with a level or other measurement enables easy control of injection.

Function of PZDP Only

Pulse Input Proportional Control

Injection amount (1/9999 to 9999 strokes/pulse) can be set based on pulse input signals from outside. Interlocked with a pulse-emitting flowmeter to enable simple performance of a variety of automatic controls.

Functions Common to All Models

Simple Correction to Actual Discharge Amount

Simple correction function to automatically discharge 300 strokes of chemicals. Just enter the discharge amount into this device to use the actual flow amount for an easy and accurate correction.


For Injection of Generic Chemicals, For Injection of High Viscosity Medicines

Model PZD
300 500
Max. discharge volume (mL/min) 360 540
Max. discharge pressure (MPa) 0.3 0.2