Smoothflow Pumps BPL



"High-Precision, Constant-Speed Cam" That Delivers Continuous Flow With No Pulsation.

We employed a simple driving mechanism with a one-cam structure such that the sum of the discharge amount of the left and right pump heads is always constant and hence generates a continuous flow. We succeeded in realizing metered and High-Precision fluid transfer without fluctuation in the injection amount.

No Damage to the Fluids

As the pump has no parts with mechanical interference, there is no risk of fluid deterioration caused by shearing, abrasion, pressure, or temperature change.

No Risk of Fluid Leakage or Chemical Splashing

As the pump does not have a mechanical seal, there is no chance of external leakage, and, even in the case of dry-running, there is no risk of pump seizure.

Simple Piping Design

There is no need for an air chamber, therefore piping vibration due to the air pressure loss or splashing of chemicals in the case of an air chamber rupture can be avoided. Additionally, maintenance costs associated with air chambers can be reduced.

The Piping Can Be Smaller in Diameter and Longer in Distance

Because the pump has no pulsation, it is possible to plumb the system with smaller diameter and lower cost pipe.

In the case of more expensive pipe, such as stainless steel and lined tubing, this makes a significant reduction of the system cost.

Strong and Easy to Maintain

Less consumable parts - easy disassembly and replacement

Simple Flow Measurement

Because the flow is constant, chemical volume can be managed using only a flow meter.

About 50% Reduction in CO2 Emissions (Compared to Our Conventional Products)

Smoothflow Pumps are capable of high-pump-head transfer with a smaller motor. As a result, the amount of CO2 emissions is reduced by about 50% compared to the conventional diaphragm pump (300 L/H class) helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Pumping demo

Smoothflow System

We offer a system that you can count on, with a design that maximizes the potential of Smoothflow technology and a configuration that puts safety and maintainability first.

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Model BPL
005 01 02 03 06 1 2 3 5 10 20 30 80
Max. discharge volume (L/min) 0.05 0.14 0.2 0.3 0.6 1 2 3 5 10 20 30 80
(L/h) 3 8.4 12 18 36 60 120 180 300 600 1200 1800 4800
(US G/h) 0.79 2.21 3.16 4.75 9.5 15.84 31.68 47.52 79.2 158.4 316.8 475.2 1267.2
Max. discharge pressure (MPa) 1.0 0.5 0.3 0.5 0.3
(bar) 10 5 3 5 3
(psi) 145 72.5 43.5 72.5 43.5