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Chemical Injection Systems

Feature: Easy-to-Use Design

Level Gauge With Simple Weighing Function

Just close the suction valve and stop the tank liquid to use the level gauge to easily check the discharge amount with the pump connected.

Up to 54% reduced

Eliminate Chemical Waste

A special tank bottom design and positioning of the suction valve help eliminate waste.

Wide Pump Space

A wide pump space for easy operation and maintenance.
Can mount two units.(PTS-50/120 only)

Easy Maintenance

A drain to release the remaining solution in the intake piping when the pump is removed is standard equipment.

Easy Attachment

Equipped with a special groove to store the hose. An easy-to-attach pump cover. The float switch (optional) also attaches easily. Just insert the hose into the air evacuation hose return. An insert nut is provided to attach optional accessories.

Feature: Reliability and Safety Measures


Anchor plates and other mounting parts are standard equipment and do not need to be purchased separately

Solution Spill Prevention

Equipped with large input port so that chemical can be easily poured and spills prevented.
Slanting construction to prevent chemical from pooling at the top panel. A solution drip guard protects the pump from spills.

Accident Prevention

Tank can be locked via zip ties or a padlock (optional). Provided labels help identify the chemicals in the tank to prevent using the wrong fluid.

Pump Impingement Protection

The pump cover is standard equipment and shields the pump from spills, shock and gives the unit a finished look.

Prevent Entry of Foreign Matter

A large diameter suction valve fitted with a strainer prevents entry of foreign matter and clogging and can accept two pumps.

Ultimate Gas Lock Prevention for Sodium Hypochlorite Injection

Used in combination with the air lock design and inline automatic air evacuation mechanism of pump DCLPW solves sodium hypochlorite injector problems.

The PTS Is Tough on Gas Locking

A special tank bottom design makes it difficult for air bubbles to enter the system. As an additional layer of protection, air bubbles are automatically discharged via a degassing connector.

Tank Variations




Mounted Pumps

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Chemical can be injected by timer drive, interval drive or pulse drive.

Chemical Injection System With Built-In Conductivity Meter

The built-in interval timer function allows precise control of concentration and chemical injection.

Chemical Injection System With Built-In pH(ORP) Measurement

Chemical injection from the pH value measurement side in a compact system where even control functions are more space-efficient.