Motor-Driven Metering Pumps V



IP65 Rated Enclosure!

After rigorous repeated tests and evaluations, V series pumps now offer drastically improved dust and water resistance.

  • Be sure to observe the specifications indicated in the operation manual, including ambient temperature (0 to 40°C) and installation location (location with good drainage).

3-Year Warranty!

Thanks to improved durability, V series models come with a warranty period three times longer than conventional models.

  • Applicable only under the specified conditions. Contact TACMINA for details.

Pumps for Specific Purposes

Acidic Chemical Pump

For sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, PAC, aluminum sulfate, etc.

Caustic Soda Pump

For caustic soda, etc.

Sodium Hypochlorite Pump

For sodium hypochlorite
(Anti-gas lock measures)

Boiler Chemical Pump

For boiler cleaning solutions, pH adjusters, etc.
(High-pressure injection support)

Polymer Pump

For polymer coagulant, etc.
(up to 2,000 mPa·s)

  • Corrosion resistance for any given material is greatly influenced by conditions such as temperature, concentration of pumped ingredients, and ultraviolet rays. Consult TACMINA during model selection.

Simple Flow Rate Adjustment

The large, easy-to-read dial on the top of the pump ensures intuitive adjustments to flow rates.


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