TACMINA welcomes challenging
applications with superior
customer support and hospitality.

Seemingly impossible dilemmas. Challenging problems.
TACMINA’s pump technology exists as it does today thanks to the challenges our customers face.
It is when faced with the most difficult challenges that we most fully exemplify
our devotion to our customers through the spirit of service.
TACMINA, a liquid solutions company that welcomes every kind of challenge.

  • Challenge

  • Liquid Analysis

  • Liquid Testing

  • Proposing

  • Providing

TACMINA’s Liquid Solutions

It's our job to understand our customers' varied requests and provide solutions.
Driven by this philosophy, all of us at TACMINA work tirelessly work to understand the unique properties
of different liquids and process conditions in order to provide optimal transportation systems.

  • Providing Understanding Through Objective, Scientific Data Analysis

  • Providing Certainty
    Through Liquid Tests Performed in Realistic Environments

  • Providing Satisfaction
    With Ideas That Exceed Expectations and High-Quality Products

    Over the course of our problem-solving processes, we report the results of our tests and analysis to our customers in detail before we move on to the next step. Equipped with the latest liquid analysis equipment, measuring instrumentation, simulation systems and more, our advanced analysis techniques are ready to meet your needs.
    Learn more about Test & Analysis

    In our lab, we recreate the varying specifications of each customer’s process, such as the testing pipes’ thickness and length, differences in height, injection point pressure, and so on. Within the Liquid Solution Center, we’re able to test a pump’s performance with the customer’s actual liquid. Even for unprecedented processes, we address customers’ concerns and allow customers to implement our products with confidence and certainty.Learn more about Test & Analysis

    Whether we’re providing one pump or an entire unit, we offer our customers flexibility. We do this by going above and beyond simply meeting their needs by offering additional value through increased production, reduced costs, and more. Also, as a manufacturer, we’re there every step of the way. We oversee the complete manufacturing process from the processing of parts, assembly, quality control, all the way to final inspections to ensure that we are providing highly-reliable products.

Industries Using TACMINA

We respond efficiently to our customers’ needs in a wide variety of fields,
from the most advanced processes to familiar infrastructure.
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Smoothflow Pumps

Performance Boosting,
Problem-Solving Pumps That Provide Superior Performance for Every Need Imaginable.

  • No Pulsation
  • No Damage Caused by Slurry
  • No Leaks
  • TCO Saving
  • Excellent Flow Rate Accuracy
  • Gentle on Fluids
  • Capable of Handling a Wide Variety of Liquids
  • Easy to Manage
  • No Foreign Substances
  • Capable of Long Distance Transfers
  • Easy Maintenance
Learn more about Smoothflow Pumps

Order-Made System Products That Turn
a Customer’s Desires Into Reality.

  • Safe & Secure Design
  • Simple & Low Cost
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Operate
  • Space Saving
  • Explosion Resistant
  • CIP Compatible
  • Sanitary
  • Heating & Cooling Capabilities
Learn more about Smoothflow Systems
Smoothflow Systems

Production & Quality Assurance

  • A Combination of Artisanal Techniques and Cutting Edge Machinery

  • Production Systems Designed to Improve Quality and Efficiency

  • A Rigorously Consistent Quality Control System

  • A Thorough Inspection Before Shipment

    We manufacture the main components of our pumps ourselves, allowing for a higher quality product and flexible customizations. We utilize both the latest in automated machine technology, as well as skillful artisans who provide delicate finishing touches. Also, professionals knowledgeable of the nature of metal and resin materials are supporting our precise manufacturing.

    Utilizing the cell production method, suitable for high-mix low-volume productions, we have introduced partial process automation through the use of robots and other devices, and continues to look for ways to improve quality and productivity. To prevent mistakes and to streamline tasks, we are constantly looking to implement site-level improvements, including organizing and simplifying workspaces and preparing easily accessible manuals.

    In order to provide customers with consistent products and services, we implement ISO 9001 quality management. Quality goals are set and systematically implemented for every category: development, production, inspection, supportservices, etc. We’ve also acquired ISO 14001 certification and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

    Authorized inspectors use precise inspection devices made specifically for pumps and equipped with highly accurate gauges and sensors to thoroughly test a pump’s capacity, discharge pressure, pulsation rate, and more. Please be aware that additional items may be inspected at the customer’s request. The TACMINA logo is a sign of our technological strength and reliability.

Services & Support

  • A Showroom Where You Can See, Touch, and Experience Our Products.

  • The “Pump Dojo” Brings Demo Machines to You.

  • Aiming for High-Quality Global Support

  • Repair and Overhaul Services for Long-Lasting Solutions

    There’s more here than just demo pumps. Look, touch, experience, and consult with us at the TACMINA showroom. Visitors can also learn about the basics of pumps through installations and seminars.

    To put it simply, it’s a moving showroom. This truck, outfitted with various demo pumps, visits roughly 150 companies per year. We meet our customers face to face, giving them a chance to experience our products. That’s how we’re able to tackle difficult issues on your side. (Japan only)

    To strengthen the support of our local distributors in each country, we hold an International Distributor’s Meeting every few years where representatives of worldwide distributors meet together in Japan. In addition to sharing information through seminars and training, we are working to enhance the feeling of solidarity as Team TACMINA.

    Our specialized maintenance team is ready to visit your location, perform repairs, and help you overhaul your long-used pumps. Once repairs have been completed, the pumps will be subject to the same grueling inspections that our new pumps are given and returned to you, the customer.