Smoothflow System Sulfuric acid diluter


  • Safe thanks to dilution while cooling reaction heating No leakage concerns with in-line dilution
  • Teflon lining in piping for excellent corrosion and heat resistance
  • Drastically reduced installation space thanks to eliminated need for a mixing tank
  • No drive units besides pump for trouble-free maintenance

Application examples

  • Caustic soda dilution
  • Alcohol dilution
  • Dilution of various chemical solutions

Flow diagram Flow chart

Example of performance specifications

Please contact us for details of customized specications.

Pump feed volume A : Up to 1567.5L/h
B : Up to 773.6L/h
Pump feed pressure A : Up to 0.5MPa
B : Up to 0.5MPa
Mix ratio range 10:1
Treated volume 2222.2L/min
Weight Approx. 2100kg
External dimensions (mm) W2700 × H2200 × D2000