Smoothflow System Dual-liquid adhesive mixing device


  • High-accuracy uniform mixing with no unevenness and selectable mixing ratio
  • No exposure to outside air for ideal in-line mixing, yet easy to wash
  • Three-liquid blending equipment available
  • Explosion proof specification

Application examples

  • Dual-liquid (or multi-liquid) adhesive/resin production (Primary agent + Curing agent + Various additives)
  • Coating agent mixing (Main agent + Curing agent)
  • Precise dilution of chemicals (Acid/alkali + Pure water)
  • Dilution and reduced viscosity of high-viscosity liquids (Polymer coagulant + Water)
  • Extraction processing using a mixer settler, etc. (Raw liquid containing valuable metals + Extractant + Diluent)

Flow diagram Flow chart

Example of performance specifications

Please contact us for details of customized specications.

Tank Capacity A : 50L
B : 15L
Pump feed volume A : Up to 12L/min
B : Up to 360mL/min
Pump feed pressure A : Up to 0.4MPa
B : Up to 1.0MPa
Mix ratio range 1:4 to 1:330
Treated volume 12.36L/min
Weight Approx. 550kg
External dimensions (mm) W2350 × H1900 × D1000