Smoothflow Pumps What is a Smoothflow System?

Giving Shape to the Ideal Fluid Transfer System


This pump is based on over a half century of experience and R&D in fluid dynamics and control.

We offer a system that you can count on, with a design that maximizes the potential of Smoothflow technology and a configuration that puts safety and maintainability first.

Safe and Secure Design

By design, Smoothflow Pumps are among the safest on the market. They have been engineered to maintain a safe and secure workplace by ensuring a stable discharge pressure throughout the system piping. This is especially important in the case of a valve being closed, unexpected system blockage or incorrect operation.

In case of System A: No need for a cushion tank / stirring machine In case of Smoothflow System: Only a static mixer is required.

Space and Cost Saving

The Smoothflow system enables continuous and stable flow, devices such as a cushion tank or stirring machine can be eliminated not only in the supply process but also in the mixing and diluting process.

This means a significant reduction in the installation space and additional facility cost. Additionally, because the flow rate is constant, there is no risk of vibration or noise caused by pulsation and, therefore, no need to reinforce the system.

Easy Maintenance/Operation

The Smoothflow system was developed with performance, operability and maintainability in mind. The daily operation of the Smoothflow system is, by design, simple - disassembly, replacement of parts, and reassembly during maintenance can be done easily. If you choose a sanitary model, a CIP-compatible product, or disposable tubing, tasks such as cleaning and replacing fluids can be simplified greatly.

This is very useful for a pump that is to be used for multiple purposes, such as for a testing.

Support for Heating, Cooling, Explosion-Proof and CIP Types.

By fitting a temperature adjustment jacket on the wetted portion (pump, piping, tank, etc.), it is capable of transferring and mixing high temperature/low temperature chemicals. The design can be freely adapted to accommodate various customer needs, such as the heating/cooling process, sanitary, CIP-compatible, or explosion-proof models.

In-House Assessment Testing

We can perform assessment tests for you upon request. If you provide us with the chemical used in your company, our technicians and expert staff will perform testing under an environment similar to the actual usage conditions and report the results to you.

This is especially useful when it is impossible to perform prior testing in your location as in the case of starting up a new plant.