Smoothflow System Dual-liquid simultaneous diluter


  • Dilute two liquids simultaneously
  • Easily set dilution ration proportional to flow rate
  • Inline configurable for reduced space requirements
  • Continuous, even dilution thanks to Smoothflow Pump
  • Shortened process and continuous operation for reduced labor

Application examples

  • Simultaneous dilution of copper sulfate solution and reducing agent
  • Simultaneous dilution of silver sulfate solution and reducing agent

Flow diagram Flow chart

Example of performance specifications

Please contact us for details of customized specications.

Tank Capacity 200L
Pump feed volume Up to 240mL/min
Pump feed pressure Up to 1.0MPa
Mix ratio range 1:1 to 1:175
Treated volume Up to 480mL/min
Weight Approx. 165kg
External dimensions (mm) W2000 × H450 × D1000