Smoothflow Case Studies

Do you have problems or are unhappy with the pump you currently use - leakage, contamination, fluid deterioration, or lack of ease in maintenance?

Smoothflow is the answer!

Smoothflow Pumps are accurate, durable and easy to maintain. They are field-proven to improve product quality.

Problems Solved With Smoothflow Pumps

I would like to transfer high viscosity fluids without changing the chemistry.

Problems and Concerns

I would like to transfer high viscosity fluids without deterioration or changing the chemical make-up of my material, but with a rotary pump, heat and pressure generated by the friction of internal parts cause the fluid to deteriorate. How should we approach this issue?


A diaphragm pump does not have the same moving internal parts as those you find in rotary pumps. Therefore, it does not damage the fluid by shear or excessive heat caused by friction.

Smoothflow Pumps are capable of transferring fluids with high viscosity, such as mayonnaise and shampoo.

Examples of Fluids

  • Raw resin material
  • Grease/oil
  • Adhesive
  • Liquid polymer coagulant
  • Mayonnaise
  • Shampoo


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