Smoothflow Case Studies

Do you have problems or are unhappy with the pump you currently use - leakage, contamination, fluid deterioration, or lack of ease in maintenance?

Smoothflow is the answer!

Smoothflow Pumps are accurate, durable and easy to maintain. They are field-proven to improve product quality.

Problems Solved With Smoothflow Pumps

I would like to stabilize the supply to the disperser.

Problems and Concerns

We are using a disperser, but the pump pulsation causes the bead distribution to fluctuate, resulting in uneven particle size distribution.

An image of uneven distribution of particle due to pulsation even using a dispersing machine



Smoothflow Pumps are pulse-free and deliver a constant flow rate, enabling uniform supply of beads to the disperser and maintaining the even distribution of particle sizes.

Moreover, when the flow rate setting is changed, the pump responds to the change immediately and discharges chemicals at the newly-set flow rate accurately without any unnecessary fluctuation in the flow rate.

An image of Homogenization of particle size distribution without pulsation by using Smoothflow Pumps

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