Smoothflow Pumps Large Capacity Type

Liquids are supplied at high-pressure and with a continuous constant flow. Completely sealed structure means no liquid leakage High-Pressure Type Hydraulic


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Large flow rate at up to 150 L/min

15 to 150 L/min adjustable flow rate.
Transfer accurately at the specified flow rate with superior linearity and reproducibility.

Support for high-viscosity liquids

Ensure stable transferring even of high-viscosity liquids of 5000mPa·s.

No leaks, no contamination

The pumps do not include any shaft seals, so there's no need to worry about liquid leakage or entry of foreign matter.

Wear resistant

No rotating or sliding components are used for liquid end parts, creating a structure that is highly resistant to wear.

Dry running is OK

The absence of sliding parts means there's no need to worry about heat generation or malfunctions caused by dry-running.

Eliminates pulsation, vibration, and noise

Design and structure reduces pulsation, vibration, and noise—common side effects of large pumps.

Easy disassembly and maintenance

Disassembly is simple, eliminating the need for special tools for inspection and cleaning.
Each component can be removed independently, reducing the burden on workers.

Pumping demo

Contact TACMINA to request a test using your actual liquid.

At TACMINA's "Liquid Solution Center <LABII>", pumps can be used to perform liquid transfer tests with the liquids that are actually used by our customers. Specialized technicians are available for consultations regarding liquid transfers, and a detailed report on the test results is also issued. This makes it possible for our customers to consider using liquids that are difficult to transfer and switching from other types of pumps with peace of mind.

Smoothflow System

We offer a system that you can count on, with a design that maximizes the potential of Smoothflow technology and a configuration that puts safety and maintainability first.

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