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A pump suitable for high-pressure injection


This type employs a two-stage valve set and is capable of high–precision, High-Pressure injection most suitable for boiler chemicals, etc. Extended product life is achieved by highly durable sealing system that is easy to maintain.

Application Products

Sanitary Type

Manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages.

Remote Head Type

For constant volume injection of high temperature fluids of 100°C-130°C (212°F-266°F).

Multiple Pump Type

For proportional injection of different fluids or simultaneous injection of a single fluid in multiple lines.

Combination Type Pump

Capable of injecting various different kinds of fluids with a single machine.


Leak Monitor

In the unlikely event of a diaphragm rupture, this detects the abnormality and sends notification.

Pulse Sensor

Combining this with a pulse counter enables automatic control of the injection amount.