By Industry Electronic Materials & Optical Films

The electronic materials used in PCs, smartphones, tablets, and similar devices are evolving on a day-to-day basis.

These materials are used in coating and supply processes that require a high degree of precision such as the manufacture of the optical films used in LCDs, organic EL displays, and the like; the CMP slurry fluids that are essential for semiconductor device fabrication; and the UV-curing resins used in electronic device bodies.

Examples of Uses

Case 1 - Coating of Optical Films and Functional Films

Our products are used to improve quality in the coating of film used in LCD TVs, smartphones, tablets, and similar products.

Case 2 - Creating Uniform Nanoparticles (Bead Mill)

Processing materials into minute particles is essential for improving functionality and quality.
Our products are used in nano-level dispersion processes.

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