Contamination refers to any foreign substance or impurity such as dust, machining waste, pollutants, or microorganisms that comes from the surrounding environment (from air, gas, water, liquid, or areas of contact) and becomes attached to, mixed into, or dissolved into a product during the manufacturing process.

During manufacturing of electronic, food, and pharmaceutical products in particular it is important to prevent contamination that may adversely affect the commercial value, reduce quality or reliability, or result in defective products.

Sources of contamination include workers; walls, floors, and ceilings in clean rooms; water and chemicals used in the production process; the insides of production equipment and piping; moving parts of machinery; and instruments that come into direct or indirect contact with the product.

Using appropriate materials (stainless steel, fluoro resin, etc.), cleaning methods, and indoor cleaning techniques are a few of the important measures for preventing contamination.

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