Topics|Smoothflow pumps Smoothflow Pump Plays an Active Role in the Spraying Process.

Spraying processes are applied in a wide variety of industries such as chemical, electronic, automotive, steel, food, medicine, etc. The purposes of spraying vary like coating, spray-drying, temperature control, surface treatment, reaction, washing, etc.

We receive the following inquiries or requests from our customers who are using expensive chemicals for spraying to add some functions to their product.

  • Prevent waste of chemicals due to over-spraying.
  • Minimize uneven spraying and increase quality.
  • Minimize liquid leakage, contamination and change of properties of the liquids.

The quality of the spray depends a lot on the nozzle. However, there is one more important device which affects the quality. That is the pump which supplies the chemical to the nozzle from the tank. The above issues can be solved by selecting the most suitable pump for spraying.

Examples of Spraying Process

"Smoothflow Pump" has the following characteristics;

  • Excellent metering performance, accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Transferring liquids constantly and smoothly regardless of pressure fluctuations caused by clogging, etc.
  • No fear of leakage due to non-seal structure.
  • No fear of contamination or change of the properties of the liquids due to shear stress.

We have many actual results of the spraying processes below. We can also offer an actual liquid test at our site or you can rent a demo unit for evaluation.

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Controlling Temperature in the Drying Furnace


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