Topics|Smoothflow pumps Can Transfer Liquids Whose Viscosity is No Less Than 300,000mPa·s With Slurry

Able to Transfer Ultra High Viscous Liquids Smoothly and Precisely With Its Extremely Strong Suction Power

"High-Vacuum Smoothflow Pump" has been added to our product line-up.
The most significant characteristics of this pump are the incredible vacuum power which can easily extract liquids at 32 Torr abs and the excellent transferability of extremely high viscosity liquids over 300,000mPa·s very precisely and without pulsation.

Not to mention, similar to other Smoothflow Pumps, there is no fear of abrasive wear transferring slurry liquids, contamination, flow decrease, or change of liquid properties due to shear force.

High Vacuum smoothflow pump

If you are suffering from any of the following problems written below by transferring high-viscosity slurry liquids, please contact us. We can also offer a test with your actual liquids.

  • Need to use an agitator or air compressor as pump cannot transfer the liquids properly.
  • Inconsistant quality caused by low flow due to abrasion or foreign materials.
  • Air invasion from sealed shaft parts or sealing parts.
  • High maintenance cost by replacing parts frequently.

Sample Movie of Transferring Liquid

Viscosity of Sample liquid
Material of slurry


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