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Make the Most of the Advantage of Smoothflow Pump Under Higher Pressure

Smoothflow pump have eliminated pulsation which is one of the typical features of reciprocating pump and have achieved continuous and constant flow. With its superior clean ability, maintenance ability and anti-wear performance, they are solving various kinds of problems in process line such as injection of chemicals, coating liquids supply and transferring slurry liquids.

Smoothflow pump (Ultra high pressure type)

"Could we have the same performance at a higher pressure?"
This pump was developed to satisfy the above desire from our customers.

Max. Discharge pressure is 50MPa, the highest level for a diaphragm pump.

Of course it still has excellent metering performance without pulsation like other Smoothflow Pumps. With its excellent anti-wear performance, this pump is also suitable for high-pressure supply of slurry liquids to jet mills and high pressure homogenizers.

We would like to offer this model to those who are suffering from leakage or abrasion from using a plunger pump or a gear pump.


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