V Series Motor-Driven Diaphragm Pump Released

Sep 03, 2018 Products

TACMINA CORPORATION is excited to announce the launch of its new line of diaphragm metering pumps called V Series.

The V Series pumps are small, simple and easy to operate. The dust- and water-resistant body ensures excellent durability even for outdoor use. TACMINA also extended the warranty from one year to three years to ensure that the customer can reliably use the pump for a long time.

There are various types of pumps in this series, which include but are not limited to acid chemical pumps, caustic soda pumps, sodium hypochlorite pumps, boiler chemical pumps and polymer coagulant pumps.

Product Lineup

Small Direct Drive Diaphragm Metering Pump V

Max. discharge volume
0.01~1 L/min
Max. discharge pressure

A tough, dust- and water-resistant pump with a three-year warranty.

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