Introducing High-Viscosity Type Smoothflow Pumps

Feb. 9 , 2018 Products

Further expanding its line of Smoothflow Pumps capable of transferring a wide variety of liquids in a continuous, constant flow with no pulsation, TACMINA proudly presents its high-viscosity range of pumps.

Designed based on feedback from users, these pumps aim to improve the manufacturing process for batteries, paints, adhesives, foods, and other high-viscosity materials by adopting a unique pump structure.


10L/min class 2L/min class

  • Even high-viscosity liquids exceeding 300,000 mPa•s can be transferred.
  • These diaphragm-type pumps with no sliding parts prevents damage to transfer liquids and provides high resistance to wear.
  • The completely sealed structures eliminate the need to worry about liquid leakage and contamination.
  • Easy disassembly and washing means less residual liquid and an economical advantage.

Product Lineup

High-Viscosity Type

Max. discharge volume
Max. discharge pressure

A brand-new high viscosity structure pump that was created from the demands of end-users.

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