Smoothflow Pump Q Series Released

June 16 , 2015 Products

TACMINA CORPORATION released Smoothflow pump Q series on June 16, 2015.

Q series is a precision diaphragm-driven pump for laboratory use, with new structure, which enables precise and stable flow with no pulsation. There is no similar product which has a structure like Q series pump in the market.

The totally-enclosed mechanism made possible to transfer delicate fluid, as it is, whose characteristics are prone to change when contacting the air. The structure with no sliding parts prevents contamination in the testing liquid, providing stable performance even with long-term, continuous operation.

In addition, the new Q series solves problems that the tube pump usually has such as higher running-cost for expensive disposable parts, the environmental effects, and the flow rate decrease after long hour operation. Along with basic transfer performance, it provides added value.

Product Lineup


Discharge volume
Max. discharge pressure

Ideal for precision transferring of small amounts of chemicals in laboratories and testing rooms

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