Use CasesTransfer of abrasive slurries with no liquid leakage

Liquid Type
Process Type


Automotive component manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

Automotive components were painted.
A plunger pump was used to supply the liquid, which posed the following problems.

  • Liquid leakage occurs due to wear in the sliding parts (the plunger and plunger seal) caused by mica slurry.
  • An air chamber is used but does not completely eliminate pulsation, so the coat of paint is not uniform.
  • A rotary pump with no pulsation was also considered but could not be used due to color changes arising from shear and frictional heat.

TACMINA's Solutions

The pump was replaced with a Smoothflow Pump.

  • This pump uses a diaphragm method with no sliding parts, so liquid leakage does not occur.
  • Liquid can be supplied with a continuous, constant flow, which made it possible to form a uniform coat of paint even without using an air chamber.
  • The structure makes it difficult for shear and heat to occur, which enabled a transfer in which the colors were not changed.