Use CasesSolving the problem of wear due to high-concentration slurry and improving coating accuracy

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Electronic component manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

In the process, high-viscosity liquid in slurry form (3000 mPa·s) is supplied to a coating machine.
To obtain a uniform coated surface, it is necessary to transfer the liquid at the same flow rate at all times.
A gear pump was used, which posed the following problems.

  • The pump sometimes stopped due to its inside being clogged with slurry particles.
  • The pump wear was severe, leading to the flow rate decreasing in a short period of time.

TACMINA's Solutions

We carried out liquid transfer tests and developed a dedicated Smoothflow Pump.

  • The diaphragm method has no sliding parts, which eliminated particle clogging and biting.
  • There also is hardly any wear on the liquid end part, which makes it possible to maintain the intended amount of liquid transferred for a long time.
  • Equipping the pump with a valve seat designed for high-viscosity liquid has reduced the amount of internal leaks, thereby stabilizing the flow rate.