Use CasesUsing a bead mill to make particle size distribution in the dispersion process sharp

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Customer's Needs and Problems

To micronize ceramics, dispersion is performed with a bead mill.

  • The beads were offset in the disperser due to the pump pulsation, leading to excessive dispersion.
  • Beads were discharged from the bead mill outlet and were bitten by the pump, which sometimes led to emergency stops.
  • Because high-mix low-volume production is performed, the liquid must be changed frequently, leading to a high frequency of cleaning.

TACMINA's Solutions

In cooperation with a bead mill manufacturer, we developed a Smoothflow Pump dedicated for use with bead mills.

  • Because there is no pulsation, the bead offset could be suppressed, which made it possible to obtain sharp particle size distribution.
  • A special valve seat whose clearance was adjusted to match the bead diameter was used, so emergency stops no longer occur even if beads flow into the pump.
  • Sanitary specifications were used for the liquid end part of the pump, thereby making this pump easy to clean even during inline cleaning.
  • Ferrule joints, which enable disassembly without requiring any tools, have been used, making it possible to disassemble and clean the pump in a short length of time.

Flow Diagram