Use CasesSupporting addition, mixture, and filtration in the beer production process

Liquid Type
Process Type


Alcohol manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

In the beer production process, items such as adjuncts, yeast, and filter aids are added with a pump.
Also, a static mixer is used to mix the items together in an inline manner.

  • We want to accurately add the set amounts.
  • We want to use a pump that has no risk of the entry of foreign matter due to issues such as part wear.
  • Generally speaking, pumps with sanitary specifications have expensive parts, but we want to reduce the running cost as much as possible.

TACMINA's Solutions

The customer selected a Smoothflow Pump and a static mixer to match each process, and we delivered these products.

  • Smoothflow Pumps have advanced metering characteristics and can accurately add the set amount.
  • There are no rotating or sliding parts, so there is almost no wear even when transferring slurries made of diatomaceous earth and similar materials. This lowers the risk of the entry of foreign matter attributable to the pump.
  • The completely sealed structure does not have a shaft seal, which also makes it possible to prevent contamination from the outside.
  • Because there is no pulsation, there is no need for an air chamber, which reduces the maintenance locations.
  • Wherever possible, common pump parts are used, which makes maintenance easy and also makes it possible to reduce the required stock of spare parts.