Use CasesCulture liquid injection into a column, supporting long-term tests of 1 month or longer

Liquid Type
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National university (graduate school of environmental and life science)

Customer's Needs and Problems

A pump is used to inject a culture liquid containing nutritious substances that are the food for microbes into a column filled with a soil sample.

  • To obtain data under constant conditions, we are looking for a pump with minimal flow rate and pressure fluctuations.
  • Data must be obtained continuously for 1 month or longer, and it is ideal for the amount of liquid transferred to remain unchanged during this period.

TACMINA's Solutions

We suggested that the customer use a Q Series Smoothflow Pump, and they agreed to this proposal.

  • This pump can perform stable injection with no pulsation even for small volumes of approximately 0.2 mL/min.
  • The flow rate does not decrease even during long-term continuous operation, which reduces the amount of adjustment work that is required.
  • It is easy to change the flow rate and to perform calibration operations, so this pump is also useful in performing tests with changed conditions.

Flow Diagram