Use CasesStabilizing disperser operation by preventing bead biting

Liquid Type
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Battery manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

A pump is used to supply anode material (carbon slurry) to a bead mill, where the material is dispersed.
Conventionally, a rotary volumetric pump was used, which posed the following problems.

  • A screenless bead mill was used, so a small amount of beads may have been discharged. This may have led to emergency stops due to beads being bitten inside the pump, which may have resulted in pump damage.
  • The pump parts wore out immediately due to the particles contained in the liquid, which led to frequent part replacement.
  • Frequent disassembly and cleaning were necessary, but the shaft seal was difficult to clean, which caused problems.

TACMINA's Solutions

We suggested that the customer use one of our Smoothflow Pumps, which have a successful history of transferring battery material slurry, and they agreed to this proposal.

  • We customized the pump valve seat shape to match the diameter of the beads used to ensure that no biting occurs even if beads flow into the pump.
  • There are no sliding parts, so the wear is minimal even when transferring slurry. This reduces the frequency of part replacement.
  • There are no shaft seals, so the pump is easy to clean. This makes it possible to complete the cleaning work in a short period of time.

Flow Diagram