Use CasesUniform coat of paint thickness without making waves in the liquid surface of a gravure coater

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Customer's Needs and Problems

In the production process of functional film, the coating solution is circulated and supplied to the liquid collecting pan of a gravure coater.

  • If waves form in the liquid surface of the liquid collecting pan, the coat of paint thickness will be uneven, so we want to transfer the liquid without pulsation and with a constant flow rate or as close to these conditions as possible.
  • Cleaning must be performed frequently, so we want to make cleaning easier.
  • The pump circulates the liquid at all times to prevent ceramic particles from precipitating, so the pump wears out quickly and breaks easily.

TACMINA's Solutions

We suggested that the customer use a Smoothflow Pump, and they agreed to this proposal.

  • The liquid can be transferred continuously at a stable flow rate, which made it possible to form a uniform coat of paint without making waves in the liquid surface.
  • Using sanitary specifications for the liquid end part makes it difficult for dirt to adhere there. This makes the pump easier to clean.
  • Disassembly/assembly is easy, which reduces the maintenance time and workload.
  • There are no sliding parts, so the pump is resistant to wear even when transferring slurry for a long length of time. This reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Flow Diagram