Use CasesAutomating and improving the quality of a process for mixing together four liquids

Liquid Type
Process Type


Iron and steel manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

To apply a coating agent to the surface of an electromagnetic steel sheet, a mixture of four types of liquids is supplied to a roll coater.
Each liquid was transferred to the tank with hydraulic type diaphragm pumps, and the mixture was supplied to the roll coater after stirring and mixing, which posed the following problems.

  • Variations occur in the concentration due to uneven stirring in the tank.
  • The worker has to constantly observe the concentration within the stirring tank and manually fine-tune the four pumps.

TACMINA's Solutions

The pumps were replaced with Smoothflow Pumps, and the mixing operation was changed to use a static mixer.

  • This made possible an accurate liquid transfer at a continuous, constant flow with the set amount, enabling a highly accurate and uniform mixture with a stable concentration.
  • The necessary amount can be made at the necessary time, eliminating waste.
  • The flow rate of each pump can be controlled easily, improving the efficiency of work such as changing the concentration.
  • The worker adjusting the flow rates is no longer necessary, which greatly reduced the cost.

Flow Diagram