Use CasesThe manufacturing of a deodorant injection device equipped with remote control and non-injection det

Liquid Type
Process Type


Local government (sewage treatment plant)

Customer's Needs and Problems

Deodorant (hydrogen peroxide water) is injected into the wastewater.

  • We want to interlock the pump with a dehydrator and control the flow rate as well as the starting/stopping of the system.
  • The deodorant injection device will be installed underground, but we want to be able to control it from the second floor of a building.
  • We want the system to generate alarms when injection failures are detected.

TACMINA's Solutions

We designed and manufactured an injection device with embedded equipment including four Smoothflow Pumps, a chemical tank, and a control panel.

  • We made it possible to receive signals with the control panel and control (vary) the flow rate of the pump with an inverter.
  • We also installed a remote control panel on the second floor of the building.
  • We embedded a flow indicator with photoelectric sensor in the system so that alarms sound when it is judged that there is no injection due to the floater failing to rise.