Use CasesHigh-pressure transfer of difficult-to-transfer, high-viscosity liquid

Liquid Type
Process Type


Chemical manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

In the production process of adhesive, aggregates are filtered out by passing a high-viscosity liquid (approximately 40,000 MPa·s) through a filter.
Initially, we attempted to pressurize the tank and transfer the liquid, but we could only obtain approximately 1/10th the target flow rate (1 mL/min), so we considered using a pump.

  • The gaps in the filter are extremely narrow at 3 μm, leading to considerable resistance just by the liquid passing through the filter. Our calculations showed us that we required a pump that is capable of high-pressure discharge at 10 MPa.
  • The raw material includes UV-hardening resin, which means that the material turns into a gel if shear is applied during transfer, so we want to use a pump that can transfer the liquid without applying shear.

TACMINA's Solutions

We developed a pump with special specifications such that it could transfer a high-viscosity (40,000 MPa·s) liquid at a high pressure of 10 MPa.
We brought the actual liquid and filter used by the customer to a TACMINA test facility, assembled the piping, and carried out a liquid transfer test using a Smoothflow Pump.
The result was that we successfully transferred the liquid at the customer’s required flow rate of 1 mL/min.

  • Smoothflow Pumps have no rotating or sliding parts, so we were able to transfer the liquid without applying any shear and therefore maintaining the liquid properties.
  • Even if the pressure fluctuates due to the filter clogging, there are no major decreases in the flow rate, which made it possible to reduce the transfer time.