Use CasesMaking small volume dripping easy and accurate in synthesis tests

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Chemical manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

Isocyanate is dripped into alcohol in urethane synthesis tests. The drip speed is 1 mL/min.
Conventionally, a micro syringe pump was used, which posed the following problems.

  • The pump was made outside of Japan, so there are few syringes made in Japan that are compatible with it.
  • The syringe is made out of glass, so it breaks easily and is difficult to handle.
  • Pump preparations are bothersome, so even though there are researchers who perform dripping by hand, it is difficult to perform dripping with a constant speed.

TACMINA's Solutions

We suggested that the customer use a “Q Series” Smoothflow Pump for small volume supply, and they agreed to this proposal.

  • Accurate dripping with a speed of 1 mL/min is now possible.
  • Accurate dripping was even possible when we tried an even smaller amount (0.3 mL/min).
  • Compared to the conventional pump, the Smoothflow Pump is overwhelmingly easier to prepare and operate.