Use CasesNeutralizing high-temperature boiler drainage in a small space

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Chemical manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

Alkaline drainage is generated from the boiler used at the factory.
Conventionally, this liquid would mix together with the miscellaneous drainage generated within the same factory, and this lowered the pH to within the discharge standards.
The boiler was updated to a large-capacity device, which increased the boiler drainage. Even if this drainage was diluted with the miscellaneous drainage, the pH still exceeded the standard value.
To adhere to the discharge standard, neutralization was required, which posed the following problems.

  • The boiler drainage is at a high temperature of close to 100°C, so it is necessary to collect this drainage in a pit or a large tank that supports high temperatures. However, there is not enough installation space to do so.
  • We have no experience in neutralizing drainage, so we want to leave everything to a company that has the required know-how.

TACMINA's Solutions

We heard the customer’s situation and considered a method that would not use a pit or large tank.
We came up with a method in which we installed a long distance of piping from the boiler’s drainage outlet to the neutralizing device, thereby cooling the drainage during transfer.

  • We used copper piping with good thermal conductivity, calculated the heat dissipation amount, and determined the piping length.
  • By installing the piping in a spiral, we ensured that the length was sufficient even in a narrow space.
  • The water temperature at the piping outlet is 80°C or less, so this water can be received by a small tank, which makes it possible to process the water with TACMINA’s “BK Series” pH neutralizing device.