Use CasesStabilization of the concentration and reduction of operating costs when diluting sulfuric acid

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Chemical manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

A diaphragm pump was used during the process of diluting concentrated sulfuric acid with water for industrial use.
To suppress the pulsation of the pump, an air chamber was installed on the piping, but this posed the following problems.

  • It was necessary to inspect and recharge the air chamber frequently.
  • If the air chamber recharge was not performed frequently enough, pulsation occurred, causing the liquid to be relieved due to abnormal pressure. This would prevent the intended concentration from being obtained due to an inability to inject the rated volume of sulfuric acid.
  • Flow rate errors occur due to pulsation, sometimes causing the devices to stop.

TACMINA's Solutions

Upon visiting the Pump Dojo mobile pump training facility, the customer learned of our Smoothflow Pumps, diaphragm pumps with no pulsation, and consulted with us regarding whether these pumps could be used to solve their problems.
The existing pump was replaced with a Smoothflow Pump and the air chamber was eliminated.

  • Because the liquid can be transferred with a constant flow and no pulsation, the need for an air chamber was eliminated and the flow rate management with a flow meter became easier as well.
  • The result of the dilution was stabilized, improving the safety of the process.

Flow Diagram