Use CasesContinuous mixing of and coating with a sheet material coating solution

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Customer's Needs and Problems

A gravure coater is used to coat a sheet with functional material coating solution.
The primary agent and additives are mixed as a batch in the previous process, which posed the following problems.

  • The liquid is mixed with the agitator attached to the mixing tank, but there are parts that cannot be mixed uniformly, which affects the quality.
  • We want to shorten the process to improve our production capability.
  • We also want to change our current pump used for the supply to the gravure coater to a pump with higher performance.

TACMINA's Solutions

A system for continuous mixing within the piping was created. In this system, the liquids of the primary agent and the additives are transferred with a Smoothflow Pump and are mixed with a static mixer.

The coating pump was replaced with a Smoothflow Pump.

  • We were able to construct a highly accurate system with no uneven mixing.
  • The mixture can be made continuously and in a short time, which greatly shortened the mixing process.
  • The need for a mixing tank was eliminated, which made it possible to use the system in a smaller space.
  • The coating accuracy has improved, which has led to a better yield.

Flow Diagram