Use CasesFood factory hygiene management, high disinfecting capability with low concentration

Liquid Type
Process Type


Food manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

The production equipment at a food factory requires strict hygiene management and is frequently cleaned and disinfected.

  • Ozone water was used to disinfect the equipment, but the limitation for the capability to create ozone water was reached due to factors such as line expansion.
  • We want to take this opportunity to switch to a more powerful and safer type of disinfected water.

TACMINA's Solutions

We suggested that the customer use SalaFine, a weakly acidic hypochlorite water production device.
We embedded a dilution device (an option) for concentration adjustment.

  • Weakly acidic hypochlorite water has such a weak chlorine smell that the customer was worried that it wasn’t actually working. However, the line was so clean after approximately 1 month that you could hardly recognize it, and cleaning the line also became easy.
  • Initially, the concentration was set to the slightly high value of 30 ppm, but this has now been reduced to 20 ppm as the customer has verified how advanced and reliable the disinfecting capability is. They are also considering operation at a concentration of approximately 10 ppm in the future.