Use CasesImproving the quality of thin film coating and greatly reducing the amount of waste liquid

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Customer's Needs and Problems

In the production process of functional film, the adhesive for sticking together films is supplied to a coating machine with a pump.

  • The amount of transferred liquid is unstable with the existing pump, leading to a non-uniform coat of paint thickness.
  • If there is not enough coating solution, bubbles enter into the coating, resulting in defective products. As such, the amount of transferred liquid is set to a large value.
  • The excess coating solution that is supplied cannot be reused, so it is disposed of, resulting in a yearly cost of just about 10 million yen.

TACMINA's Solutions

A pump from TACMINA’s Smoothflow Pump TPL Series, which has flow rate accuracy that is at the top of its class in the industry, was used. In addition, a mass flow meter was used to measure the actual flow rate and perform feedback control. This resulted in a precision liquid transfer system.

  • This made it possible to accurately supply the required amount of coating solution, thereby obtaining a uniform coat of paint.
  • It is no longer necessary to supply an excessive amount of liquid, which has greatly reduced the amount of waste liquid.
  • We also suggested that the customer use an optional inline cleaning function, and they agreed to this proposal. This lowered the frequency of disassembly and cleaning, thereby reducing the man-hours spent on maintenance.