Use CasesTransferring butyllithium, an inflammable chemical, under high pressure

Liquid Type
Process Type


National university (graduate school of engineering)

Customer's Needs and Problems

A small volume of the chemical is supplied to a microreactor during tests of organic synthesis.

  • To control the reaction precisely, it is necessary to transfer the liquid with a continuous, constant flow and no pulsation.
  • The transfer liquid is butyllithium, which ignites when exposed to air, so this liquid must not leak.
  • To inject the liquid into a narrow flow path, a discharge pressure of 10 MPa is required.
  • Safety countermeasures against issues such as piping blockage are necessary, but safety valves and other such branch piping cannot be attached to the piping.

TACMINA's Solutions

We suggested that the customer use a Smoothflow Pump, and they agreed to this proposal.

  • Because the liquid can be supplied with a continuous, constant flow and no pulsation, it became possible to easily control the reaction.
  • The completely sealed structure does not include any shaft seals, so it is now possible to safely transfer the liquid without any leakage.
  • The mechanism of the pump drive part has been improved, making it possible to support high pressure.
  • The pump body has a built-in relief mechanism, which makes it possible to prevent abnormal pressure increases.