Use CasesHalving the electricity cost of an electrolytic solution circulation pump

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Manufacturer of machined aluminum products

Customer's Needs and Problems

A pump is used to circulate the sulfuric acid of the electrolytic solution during the process for treating aluminum with an anodic oxide film (Alumite).
A centrifugal pump made of a special alloy was used, which posed the following problem.

  • The energy efficiency was poor, leading to a high electricity cost.

TACMINA's Solutions

The transfer pump was replaced with a MUNSCH slurry pump made of resin.

  • We designed and created the impeller by performing a liquid analysis for each of the pump’s specifications, so the energy efficiency is good.
  • Compared to the existing pump, the motor is smaller by two frame sizes, so the power consumption has been halved (from 15 kW to 7 kW).