Use CasesSafely transferring concentrated sulfuric acid (98%) over a long distance

Liquid Type
Process Type


Iron and steel manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

98% sulfuric acid is transferred over long distances within the steelworks.
A hydraulic type diaphragm pump was used, which posed the following problems.

  • A pulsation attenuator (accumulator) has been installed to eliminate pulsation, but this device was damaged without anyone noticing it due to corrosion caused by the sulfuric acid.
  • Because of the long-distance piping, a high-pressure pump has been used in consideration of pressure loss. Continuing to perform operation with the accumulator ineffective was extremely dangerous as it was possible for the piping to be damaged in this situation.
  • The pump needed to be overhauled once every 3 years at a cost of approximately 1 million yen each time.

TACMINA's Solutions

The hydraulic type diaphragm pump was changed to a “Smoothflow Pump.”

  • No pulsation occurs, so there is no longer any need for an accumulator.
  • Because the pressure loss inside the pipe is now small, there is no longer any need to apply an excessive amount of pressure with the pump.
  • Because a direct-driven type pump with a simple structure could be used, the number of parts has been reduced, which has led to major reductions in the costs associated with consumables and replacement work.

Flow Diagram