Use CasesCirculating high-temperature 75% sulfuric acid at a constant flow rate for a long period of time

Liquid Type
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Chemical plant manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

We want to circulate sulfuric acid with a liquid temperature of 150°C and a concentration of 75% in the test line of our research institute.

  • We want the flow rate to be constant at all times.
  • High corrosion resistance is required, so we want the material to have a PTFE lining.
  • The expected daily operation time is 10 hours.
  • The conditions were not met by the products made by other companies.

TACMINA's Solutions

When we visited the customer’s research institute with our “Pump Dojo” mobile pump training facility, the customer learned how TACMINA’s technology supports a wide variety of different liquids, and then a representative from the customer consulted with us.
We suggested to the customer a pump that supports high temperatures and has high corrosion resistance.

  • PTFE lining peels off due to thermal expansion, so we suggested that the customer use a Hastelloy C pump head without lining but with high corrosion resistance, and they agreed to this proposal.
  • To ensure that the pump is not damaged even if it transfers a high-temperature liquid, we installed a heat-radiation fin on the pump head.