Use CasesHigh-pressure injection of a high-temperature (90°C) liquid into an extrusion machine

Liquid Type
Process Type


Resin product manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

We want to use a pump to inject an additive into a resin extrusion machine.

  • An injection point pressure of 5 MPa or higher is necessary.
  • Injection fluctuation occurs if the pump has pulsation, so we want to continuously inject a constant amount.
  • If the liquid temperature decreases, the viscosity increases, so it is necessary to keep the temperature between 70°C and 90°C.
  • Because of the high temperature and high pressure, we want to ensure that the safety countermeasures are effective.
  • We want the system to be mobile as opposed to fixed in one location.

TACMINA's Solutions

We designed and created a unit that can inject liquid that is kept warm and is at a high pressure of 7 MPa.

  • The pump and tank are kept warm with warm water jackets.
  • To prevent the pump from being damaged when the tank empties, we attached a float switch on the tank.
  • We installed a safety valve to release abnormal pressure. We also installed a pressure gauge with contact to make it possible to output alarms.
  • We loaded the unit on a trolley to make it easy to move.