Use CasesCirculation test over multiple months with a constant chlorine concentration, temperature, and press

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Construction piping manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

We want to create a device for carrying out the quality compatibility test of construction piping made of resin.

  • Make chlorine water flow through the piping for multiple months.
  • With the chlorine water conditions of residual chlorine concentration, pH value, water amount, and liquid transfer pressure kept constant, test at three different temperatures (95°C, 105°C, and 115°C).

TACMINA's Solutions

A dedicated test device that combines a Smoothflow Pump, temperature controller, and measuring instrument was designed and created.

  • To observe with a flow meter, a Smoothflow Pump, which has no pulsation, was selected.
  • The liquid transfer of a 115°C liquid was made possible by ensuring that the high-temperature liquid and the diaphragm do not come into direct contact.
  • The temperature was adjusted by combining a chiller, heat exchanger, and boiler.
  • It is now possible to continuously observe the residual chlorine concentration and pH value.