Use CasesTransferring UV-hardening resin without it hardening

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Electronic component manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

UV-hardening resin is applied with a die coater in the production process of film for liquid crystal displays.
We are looking for a pump to supply the liquid to the die coater.

  • UV-hardening resin has the property of hardening when shear is applied to it, which makes it difficult to handle.
  • We tried a rotary volumetric pump, but we ran into problems with the pump stopping due to the liquid turning into a gel in the rotating parts or hardening at the shaft seal, so we could not use this pump.
  • The entirety of the liquid supplied by the pump is applied, so we want to transfer the rated volume with good accuracy and a continuous, constant flow.

TACMINA's Solutions

We suggested that the customer use one of our Smoothflow Pumps, which have a successful history of transferring UV-hardening resin.
The requirement was that the liquid be transferred without hardening, so we brought the actual liquid to a TACMINA test facility and performed a liquid transfer test with the customer watching.
Thanks to the good results of the test, the customer decided to switch to a Smoothflow Pump.

  • The liquid end part of a Smoothflow Pump has no sliding parts, so it is difficult to apply shear to the liquid.
  • By customizing the shape of the valve seat part, we reduced the shear to nearly zero.
  • Because the liquid can be transferred with high metering characteristics; a continuous, constant flow; and no pulsation, good coating results were obtained.

Flow Diagram