Use CasesReducing chemical waste by measuring the accurate actual injection volume with a flow meter

Liquid Type
Process Type


Local government (water purification plant)

Customer's Needs and Problems

The disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) and the flocculant (polyaluminum chloride) are added.
A diaphragm pump is used for the chemical injection pump, which poses the following problems.

  • The injection volume cannot be measured with a flow meter due to the pulsation of the pump.
  • To check the concentration, it is necessary to go from the administrative building of the facilities to the clean water tank.

TACMINA's Solutions

The customer viewed a demo Smoothflow Pump and checked that measurement was possible with a flow meter.
Our technicians met with the customer multiple times until we were able to provide them with a device that is capable of the desired flow rate control.

  • Because of the constant flow with no pulsation, it is now possible to measure the actual injection volume with a flow meter.
  • Actual injection volume feedback is performed, enabling highly accurate injection.
  • The flow rate can be controlled from the administrative building of the facilities, eliminating the need to go to the clean water tank.
  • Running costs have been reduced thanks to a reduction in the amount of wasted chemicals.

Flow Diagram